12. Create Bootable USBΒΆ

This is the official method of making a bootable usb stick for VectorLinux.

  • Insert an USB stick and type as root

    fdisk -l

In the fdisk output, check what drive designation your USB stick is, we’ll use /dev/sdb as the example for this post.

  • Change directory to where the iso is located

    cd /home/user

Now this next step will hose your system if you accidentally use the wrong path so make sure that you use the correct drive designation from fdisk -l and remember I’m using /dev/sdb as an example, yours may or may not be different!

  • Run this command from a terminal (mat take a couple of minutes)

    dd if=name.of.iso of=/dev/sdb


Double check the path to your USB device, you can accidentally delete your data with this command.

And that’s it, now you have a bootable USB stick which you can install from.